• PED Online

    Access the live PED web interface. Username and password required.
  • PED Online Demo

    Live demo of the PED web interface. No username or password required. Contains a step by step tour showcasing functionality.

What is PED?

PED (Phased Experimental Demonstrator) is a 6 element interferometric radio telescope that has been constructed on the grounds of the South Africa Optical Observatory in Cape Town.

Funded by the SKA South Africa project, this telescope serves as both an experimental platform for use by the SKA South Africa engineering team and an outreach facility for use by students and other learners.

For more details see the About page.

How can I get access?

One of the aims of PED has always been to provide an outreach platform.

As part of this we are providing access to the PED online web interface to interested people. Please contact us for more information.

You can access the online web interface in demo mode by using the link at the top of the page.

Need more information ?

Email ped@ska.ac.za if you have any queries or problems.