iAntConfig version 0.3

15 January 2010

Version 0.3 is also an early release of iAntConfig. Please note a change in file format which is incompatible with previous versions. You may need to export your favourite layouts to text and import them from text into the new program. Beware that the text file format and naming conventions have changed too, so look carefully at the examples provided, noting the last line in the file provides the reference longitude, latitude coordinates for the layout.

The following major changes were made in the new version:

  1. UV points are stored using a compressed sparse matrix, which is used to display the UV coverage. Now the UV points are drawn in cells as per conventional imaging, supporting large, SKA sized grids.
  2. A number of performance metrics are included (accessed under 'Instruction').
  3. Overlaying of performance graphs. To do this, items must be coloured and the corresponding editor must be the 'row master' (eg if different layouts are coloured, drag the titlebar of the layout editor to the settings titlebar, assuming the default workspace layout). If this is done, then the column button on the toolbar must be pressed.
  4. Elevation limits.
  5. PSF is calculated directly instead of using the FFT.
  6. Preferences.
  7. Sky coverage